Bags have always held personal significance for me. When I was little I went everyplace with a small purse, believing that I held my independence inside in the form of imaginary keys with which I could come and go as I pleased.

         Since 9/11 bags have been universally perceived as symbols of potential danger, especially when unattended. Lingering on loan to our collective imagination, they now inspire us to wonder where they come from and what they might contain.

         While certain of these UNATTENDED BAGS reflect our new awareness and the violation of privacy inherent in 'security,' others may simply be cast into their surroundings, guilelessly expressing our most transparent captivations beside or within our architecture.

         As a glass can be seen as half full or half empty, our perception of an object's content changes according to its circumstances.

         Fashion influences for UNATTENDED BAGS and MORE SONGS ABOUT BUILDINGS AND SHOES range from Furla, - whose iconically monotonous Candy Bag became a blank canvas for me in 'Summer's End, Riverside Park' - to Betsey Johnson, whose transparent shoe catches the headlamps of a car in ‘After Vespers’ - to many an unheralded designer, past and present, whose bag or shoe has captured my imagination.